Supporting Spelling at Home

These notes are from a series of workshops from our school – this particular series was on supporting your children’s spelling at home. There are some annotations and additional resources which I have added. Learners of all ages need encouragement to ‘write, write, write’, and simply to spell words the best they can in first drafts.Continue reading “Supporting Spelling at Home”

Writing Resource: Improve Your Writing with Grammarly

Good writing skills are essential for student performance and career success. In the SAT test, performance in the writing section is the most accurate predictor for college success – more so than either math or critical reading. Despite this, there has been a decline in student writing scores by 5 points since 2011. In fact, the writing section of theContinue reading “Writing Resource: Improve Your Writing with Grammarly”

Spelling Games to Take the Tedium Out of Spelling Homework

G2 has started working on his spelling at school and he recently came home with his first spelling list. I was a little worried about getting him to practice his spelling words because he hates to write and he gets so easily distracted if I ask him to spell out the words to me. Getting himContinue reading “Spelling Games to Take the Tedium Out of Spelling Homework”

Spelling Games: Boggle Slam Variation

Aristotle has really been enjoying his card games. When I introduced Boggle Slam, it was slow going and a bit boring so I decided to spice it up a little by modifying the rules. The new rules are essentially the same as Upwords without the board. New Rules for Boggle Slam Upwords! We begin with aContinue reading “Spelling Games: Boggle Slam Variation”

Apps: Teach Me (Reading, Math, Spelling, Writing) for Toddlers, Reception, Grade 1 and 2

24x7digital LLC has created a terrific series of apps to teach reading, math, spelling and writing for: Toddlers (iPad, iPhone) Reception (iPad, iPhone) Grade 1 (iPad, iPhone) Grade 2 (iPad, iPhone) Grade 3 (iPad, iPhone) Features: Achievement screen encourages and motivates learning by showing progress for each topic. 6 different sticker reward scenes: beach, underwaterContinue reading “Apps: Teach Me (Reading, Math, Spelling, Writing) for Toddlers, Reception, Grade 1 and 2”

Learning to Read and Spell is Easy and Fun with Click ‘N’ Kids

According to the Nations Report Card 2009 assessing national education progress, by 4th Grade, 1 out of 3 are unable to read at Grade level. One of the best ways to promote literacy is to inculcate a healthy reading habit from young. In the Read Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease explains that if you read enoughContinue reading “Learning to Read and Spell is Easy and Fun with Click ‘N’ Kids”

How to Motivate Your Child to Learn Spelling

You may have heard about the debate on whether text messages are killing the English language because of the excessive use of abbreviations which are being translated into daily life. Personally, I have never had a problem with SMS because I don’t abbreviate. Recently, I have seen a new benefit of text messages – itContinue reading “How to Motivate Your Child to Learn Spelling”

Special Offer for March Only – Teach Your Child to Read and Spell

For the month of March only, ClickNKids are running a promotion on their ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL online learning programs. ClickNKids offer two learning programs that contain everything you need to teach reading and spelling to your child guaranteed or they will give you your money back (they have a 60 day noContinue reading “Special Offer for March Only – Teach Your Child to Read and Spell”

Reading: Whole Words and Spelling from Our Experience

I’ve heard comments that learning to read with flashcards is only successful for teaching a child short term word memory recall.  It has also been said that if the child is shown the same words in a different context, for example, in a book or in a different font, he is not able to readContinue reading “Reading: Whole Words and Spelling from Our Experience”

Learning to Read: Whole Words and Phonics in Practice

We have been teaching Gavin to read using Glenn Doman’s  “whole word” method.  He is also learning phonics from the TweedleWink DVDs that I play for him, his Disney’s Phonics Quest computer game, and at school.  He can recognise quite a number of words using the “whole word” method, but he isn’t quite able toContinue reading “Learning to Read: Whole Words and Phonics in Practice”

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