Science: Having Fun with the Solar System

G2 is learning about space in school so when I this cool solar system jigsaw puzzle in Borders, I couldn’t resist. It would have been way cooler if it had been “glow in the dark” but for RM25, who’s complaining? All right! All right! The truth is I’ve always wanted one of these for myself becauseContinue reading “Science: Having Fun with the Solar System”

Scientific Explorer My First Outer Space Science Kit

What do you see in the sky at night The moon and stars and maybe even another planet In this kit you?ll find everything you need to bring the outer space indoors You create amazing displays of stars and planets on your ceiling and walls Over nearly two decades, Scientific Explorer has earned a reputationContinue reading “Scientific Explorer My First Outer Space Science Kit”

Sights and Sounds: The Planetarium and KLCC Art Gallery

After our rather successful day out at Sunway Pyramid, I was inspired to take Gavin to see more things.  One of the subjects I have been trying to introduce Gavin to is Astronomy and the planets.  I bought this book and mobile and showed him the planets some time back. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t thatContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: The Planetarium and KLCC Art Gallery”

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