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Skeptical Parent Crossing #8 Welcome to the 8th edition of Skeptical Parent Crossing – another exciting episode in the adventures of skeptical parents as they embark on a journey to explore strange new parenting ideas and boldly go where no parent has gone before. Sonja Stewart from Parenting Squad explores a very thought-provoking subject in Mommy, What’s aContinue reading “Skeptical Parent Crossing #8”

Skeptical Parenting Crossing…

The latest Skeptical Parenting Crossing is up at Clashing Culture!  Take a look at what’s on the parenting front of the parents who believe in examining the evidence behind the myriad of parenting information rather than relying on hearsay. When I first started this blog, it was purely to keep friends and family up toContinue reading “Skeptical Parenting Crossing…”