Learning with Signing Time – Tree Schoolers

Introduce your preschooler to the world around them with… About TreeSchoolers? Rachel & the TreeSchoolers incorporates the best elements of Schoolhouse Rock, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street to deliver a well-rounded preschool curriculum for ages 2-6. This new series: is based on a comprehensive educational framework developed by Emily Swan, Ph.D. uses whole body learning thatContinue reading “Learning with Signing Time – Tree Schoolers”

Why Should We Teach Children Sign Language?

Research on the Benefits of Sign Language A comprehensive summary of the academic research on the impact of signing on cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development The benefits of using signs with students are seen in individuals as young as preverbal infants, to those in early elementary, all the way to adult students who struggle with readingContinue reading “Why Should We Teach Children Sign Language?”

If Gesturing Helps Children Retain What They Learn, Can Learning to Sign Also Help?

Movement helps to boost children’s learning – it is a theory called “Embodied Cognition” where the link between the brain and the body can help children to gain a deeper understanding of the material they are learning. In “How Acting Out in School Boosts Learning“, the article cited a study that shows how gesturing can help childrenContinue reading “If Gesturing Helps Children Retain What They Learn, Can Learning to Sign Also Help?”

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