Examining the Relationship Between School Enjoyment and Sibling Rivalry

Aristotle has been rather resistant about going to school lately. Just the other day, we had the following conversation… Aristotle: I don’t want to go to school… Me: You have to. Aristotle: Why? Me: So you can learn things. Aristotle: But I already know everything. Me: Not everything. You need to study so you canContinue reading “Examining the Relationship Between School Enjoyment and Sibling Rivalry”

Life Skills to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

When Gavin met Gareth in the hospital and welcomed him so warmly into the world, we thought all our worries about sibling rivalry were for nought. Gavin and Gareth’s relationship got off to a tremendous start and I could have hoped for nothing better. Now with Gareth at 18 months and Gavin at 4 yearsContinue reading “Life Skills to Deal with Sibling Rivalry”

Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry

It’s been two weeks since Gavin started back at school for the new year.  Unfortunately, it looks like my early celebration of how well he took it seems to be a tad premature.  After that wonderful first day back, his attendance to school has been on the decline.  The last few days, he would howlContinue reading “Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry”

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