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Family Venues – Publika Shopping Mall

Since Hercules’ had his trial classes at The Curious Academy, I’ve been trying to find ways to increase his physical engagement. I used to take him to various parks in the morning but (call me paranoid) after hearing all those kidnapping and snatch cases, I haven’t really been game to do it alone. I’ve beenContinue reading “Family Venues – Publika Shopping Mall”

The Book Depository – Online Source for Books

I often joke that I am studying a course in parenting, but when I take a look at the collection of books I have about parenting, early childhood development and early childhood education, and the fact that I’m always studying several books at the same time, it’s hard not to see that there is anContinue reading “The Book Depository – Online Source for Books”

Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go

Now that I have another baby, I have been on the alert for more baby rooms again.  I’m glad to say that facilities have improved enormously since my days of nursing Gavin in shopping mall baby rooms… 1. BSC now has three nursing rooms Mothercare on level 2, east wing Level 3, west wing LevelContinue reading “Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go”

Thinking Outside the Box

One of the qualities I have always hoped to encourage in Gavin is the ability to think outside the box.  The problem with the current education system is that the focus tends to be on rote learning and following the leader. I believe that children already possess a natural ability to think outside the box. Continue reading “Thinking Outside the Box”

Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games

I saw these at Jaya Jusco in The Alpha Angle: Nestle has a special promotion including a free PC game with their children’s breakfast cereals.  The box of cereal was also on special at about RM7.50 (or thereabouts) – which is about a dollar off the regular price. Since Gavin loves eating Milo cereal, IContinue reading “Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games”