Shichida versus Heguru in Malaysia

Shichida or Heguru?  Which one should you send your child to?  Well, if we’re talking Klang Valley, then the consensus based on my discussion with three other mothers is Heguru. Shichida versus Heguru What I understand about the two programs – though I can’t say for sure if this is factually correct so feel freeContinue reading “Shichida versus Heguru in Malaysia”

Early Childhood Education: The Shichida Method

The further I research the topic of Early Childhood Education, it seems the more uncertain I am about which direction to head towards.  I had heard about the Shichida Method from a friend but knew very little about it except that it was a flashcard method of teaching infants – or so I thought.  ItContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: The Shichida Method”

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