BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled

This is the original article I submitted for publication in the October 2011 issue of Baby Talk on Right Brain Education: Right Brain Education…Unveiled In today’s challenging world, having a high IQ no longer guarantees success. A well-rounded individual comes from a background where he is loved, knows how to love and has a balanceContinue reading “BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled”

My Encounter with Shichida Training

Essay by TG (from Quantum Speed Reading: Awakening Your Child’s Mind) If I were asked what has been the best thing about Shichida training, I would right away answer, “I have learned how to create images and do many things with them.” Image training is used in all our Shichida schools and has become secondContinue reading “My Encounter with Shichida Training”

8 Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

From the Heguru Parents’ Seminar. Raise a child by developing his strengths. Raise a child based on his individuality, not by comparison to other children. Do not be caught in the dilemma of T-score education and academic snobbery in education. Nurture your children by adding points instead of deducting points. Nurture your children by observingContinue reading “8 Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Child”

Shichida Relaxation Exercise: Energy Balls

In the Shichida home practice guide, there is a relaxation exercise called the “energy balls” which you are required to do with your child before beginning the home practice activities. Although the manual mentions the exercise, there is no information on how it is done. I have also heard that they do the energy ballContinue reading “Shichida Relaxation Exercise: Energy Balls”

Shichida Video Footage

I was searching through Youtube when I stumbled across a video about the Shichida Method that was recorded in English. Previously most videos I had seen were in Japanese. This video shows similar footage to the earlier videos I have seen but the voiceover in this video is in English. Shichida and Doman have alwaysContinue reading “Shichida Video Footage”

Discipline: Shichida's 5 Minute Suggestion

On the BrillKids Forum, I read about Shichida’s 5 minute suggestion which is recommended as a disciplinary tactic.  Since I got it through word of mouth, I am not certain if this is correct (so Shichida parents feel free to step in and correct me if I’m wrong).  The idea is to talk to yourContinue reading “Discipline: Shichida's 5 Minute Suggestion”

Mid-Brain Activation and Blind-Fold Reading

I’ve been asked to share what I think about Mid-Brain Activation and Blind-Fold Reading.  Well, here goes… From what I have read on their two websites (click the links above to see what they’re about), they make a lot of references to Makoto Shichida’s Right Brain Development philosophies which leads me to believe that theyContinue reading “Mid-Brain Activation and Blind-Fold Reading”

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