Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka

ju·do·ka noun Meaning: a person who practices or is an expert in judo. G1 earned a double promotion and won his orange belt for Judo yesterday. It was a proud moment for us (and him, especially). We’ve never considered him to be particularly athletic so this was a pretty major achievement. It has always beenContinue reading “Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka”

Sports and Exercise: Martial Arts and Self-Defense for Kids

I have always wanted the boys learn martial arts partly because martial arts promotes self-discipline and respect which are two values I believe to be very important. However, the main reason I wanted them to learn martial arts is because I have been concerned about their safety living in this part of the world whereContinue reading “Sports and Exercise: Martial Arts and Self-Defense for Kids”

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