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The Truth About the Bilingual Brain

Being able to speak more than one language has always been a great skill to have. But being bilingual can also offer numerous benefits to the brain, making it sharper and healthier. The Brain Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Compared to the monolingual brain, the bilingual brain is better at: paying attention – greater focusContinue reading “The Truth About the Bilingual Brain”

Support Language Learning at Home with These Strategies

Science offers numerous reasons why being multilingual is good for our children: encourages the development of a growth mindset. improves focus. enhances the brain’s information processing ability. increases gray matter in the part of the brain responsible for executive control. strengthens self-control. These reasons aside, there are practical reasons why we should encourage our children toContinue reading “Support Language Learning at Home with These Strategies”

So You Want to Learn High Valyrian…

Geek Alert! Recently, Little PIM – the program that teaches young children a foreign language even when their parents can’t speak it – ran a little gag with their April Fool’s promotion… I confess that I was completely duped and I clicked the link eager to learn High Valyrian myself. Turns out that there isContinue reading “So You Want to Learn High Valyrian…”

Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…

Learning a foreign language is always challenging – more so the older we grow. If you’ve always struggled to learn a new language, preliminary research demonstrates that singing can help you learn that second language twice more easily. This is because of the strong link between music and memory. From the journal “Memory & Cognition”Continue reading “Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…”

Free Online Resources for Teaching Your Child a Second Language

I got these links from the BrillKids forum. Unfortunately, I lost the link to the exact post and I can’t seem to find it again (I can’t even remember who wrote them!), but these are some excellent websites with free resources for teaching your child a second language. Byki free downloadable desktop program that teachesContinue reading “Free Online Resources for Teaching Your Child a Second Language”