The Scree-Free Test

While I’m not aversed to my children using technology, I do believe in moderation. In the past, I usually set “screen-time-detoxes” where there is a blanket ban on screens and I usually help the boys along by offering screen-free activities to keep them occupied. This time I tasked G1 to find his own ways to occupy himself without the screen.Continue reading “The Scree-Free Test”

When Harry Potter Met the Lord of the Rings…

“The truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos.” Dr Robert Bilder, a psychiatry and psychology professor at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. We had an unwitting experiment in “free play” that brought about some rather interesting results. After a continuous string of misbehaviours, I got fed upContinue reading “When Harry Potter Met the Lord of the Rings…”

Good Old Fashioned Games

Aristotle’s school is doing a theme on toys – specifically: old-fashioned toys. You know… the kind we used to play when we were kids. So we’ve been playing a few “new” oldies ourselves… We’ve moved off Dinosaur Chess and onto a real chessboard: We chose a magnetic set so we could take it along with us, or “pause theContinue reading “Good Old Fashioned Games”

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