Engineering for Girls: Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine

If I had a daughter, I would make this a mandatory toy for her toy box… GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine GoldieBlox is a toy designed for girls age 5-9 with the aim to nurture a generation of girls who are more confident, courageous and tech-savvy. It contains a series of interactive books and constructionContinue reading “Engineering for Girls: Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine”

Activities: Inspiring the Budding Scientist

The boys fancy themselves as little scientists… With a bit of food dye, some water, a couple of plastic beakers, an eye dropper and some test tubes and you can play “mad scientist” pretty easily and safely. If you want some all-in-one kits for some imaginative science play, these work pretty well: Learning Resources Primary Science Mix and Measure SetContinue reading “Activities: Inspiring the Budding Scientist”

Apps: iTooch Educational Series for Math, Science, and Language Arts

Some time back we were invited to try the iTooch educational apps series but with so much going on, it took us a while to get around to it. I’m glad we finally made time for it because it is actually pretty good. The iTooch series of apps are created by eduPad. What’s great about themContinue reading “Apps: iTooch Educational Series for Math, Science, and Language Arts”

Online Science Resource: Britannica Pathways – Science

Some 5 years ago I complained about the dearth of digital educational products (and I mean real educational products, not the crappy stuff that are really games masquerading in the educational category). Now, digital products are are so plentiful, they’re spilling out of every nook and cranny. Here’s another one that popped up on theContinue reading “Online Science Resource: Britannica Pathways – Science”

Science Stuff: NYSci – Science Friday

Science Friday is a cool science website which I included on my great educational websites list post from a few days back. It is basically a science resource site with loads of audio and video recordings on all sorts of cool science stuff. The reason why I decided it needed its own dedicated post wasContinue reading “Science Stuff: NYSci – Science Friday”

Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers

I would have said cool toys for boys but the girl child that I was would have enjoyed playing with this as well if only any of the adults thought it was an appropriate gift for a girl… Engino Models Engineering Sets These are great for budding, young scientists who enjoy working with their handsContinue reading “Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers”

Website Resource: Make Me Genius

Here’s another great website with free resources. It’s called “Make Me Genius“. What’s on it: Science Videos: e.g. types of rocks, photosynthesis, the muscular system, water cycle, states of matter, etc. Cools Facts: e.g. oceans and seas, human body, solar system, etc. Educational power-points: plants, earth, food and nutrition, etc. Jokes for Kids Science ProjectsContinue reading “Website Resource: Make Me Genius”

Music: Educational Songs – Ballads from the Age of Science

Hercules’ loves learning through music. His favourites are Peter Weatherall‘s Human Biology and They Might Be Giant‘s Here Comes Science. I often hear him singing to himself even when the music is off. Recently, we added a new series to our collection: Ballads from the Age of Science. These are really old but the contentContinue reading “Music: Educational Songs – Ballads from the Age of Science”

Green Education: Let’s Learn About Recycling and Energy!

Recycling Since the boys were little, we’ve been trying to teach them to be environmentally friendly – waste not, want not; recycling; etc. So when we moved to our new place, we got sorting bins for recycling. Now the kids can can also practice green habits by learning to sort their trash into glass, plastic,Continue reading “Green Education: Let’s Learn About Recycling and Energy!”

Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz

Oh my, oh my! How fun it is to be a child in this generation. I stumbled across another range of interesting science kits by Science Wiz while browsing through Borders. Check them out… About Science Wiz The award winning ScienceWiz line started in 1995 when with the release of their first title ScienceWiz Electricity. This cool line ofContinue reading “Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz”

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