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Escalators are Dangerous or Are We Just Careless?

I think many parents – especially those in this part of the world – would have read about or heard about the mall escalator tragedy that occurred a couple of weeks back when a 7 year old girl plunged to her death. In terms of cybernews, I’m sure it’s ancient history, but I still think about it andContinue reading “Escalators are Dangerous or Are We Just Careless?”

Children’s Books: Hari Child Safety Awareness

My SIL recently bought the boys a lovely series of books on Child Safety Awareness by Tristan McGee. Given G2’s accident-prone nature, we thought this was a great series to help increase his awareness of safety issues. There are currently only four books available in the series: Oops Hari! Hari at the Park! Hari atContinue reading “Children’s Books: Hari Child Safety Awareness”

Discussion: Modern Parenting and Protecting Our Children

Aristotle hit a teacher recently. Correction – he swiped a teacher with his cap. I was mortified. I went on a rampage. When Aristotle was little, I gave him 3 cardinal rules: Don’t hurt others. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t destroy property. Everything else went on a case by case basis but there were no exceptionsContinue reading “Discussion: Modern Parenting and Protecting Our Children”

Safety Warnings for Using Slings with Infants

I’m a pro-baby wearer and have worn Gavin and Gareth since they were both one month old.  Though Gavin was worn only in the Bjorn up until he was about 7 months, I have worn Gareth in a sling.  Though neither of my boys fit the criteria mentioned in this article, I thought it wasContinue reading “Safety Warnings for Using Slings with Infants”

More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

I thought I would write a more thorough blog post on this topic because it seems more concerns about my nursing during pregnancy have cropped up.  Frankly, I’m quite amazed by the negativity towards breastfeeding I have experienced since I first decided I was going to breastfeed Gavin.  Even after all this time, there areContinue reading “More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy”

Is Bonjela Safe to Use in Teething Children?

Bonjela has often been used in teething children to soothe irritated gums.  I’ve tried using it on Gavin several times – both when he was teething and when he had an ulcer.  He didn’t take very well to the gel and I think it had something to do with the aniseed flavour.  Indeed, the firstContinue reading “Is Bonjela Safe to Use in Teething Children?”