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The Wheelie Experience

Breaking out of your comfort zone is never easy. It is especially challenging when you get too comfortable in your niche. Such was the case when we tried to encourage G2 to use the two-wheeled scooter instead of his old three-wheeler. He adamantly refused to try the two-wheeler until his Glider XL met with an untimely accident. G2 hadContinue reading “The Wheelie Experience”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Rollerblading at Roller Sports

Some two years back, I took G1 to have a whirl at ice skating. Halfway around the rink, I discovered what a terrible idea it was. One bit of advice we got from the ice skating coach was to try rollerblading first because it is a little easier than ice skating. So here we are… Rollerblading / Inline SkatingContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Rollerblading at Roller Sports”