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Story-Based Education for Engaging Student Learning

G2 came home recently and told me that his classroom had been trashed by a troll who came in the middle of the night. If I hadn’t been pre-warned by a teacher from school, I probably would have thought he was telling porky pies. And who could’ve blamed me? It sounded like a scene outContinue reading “Story-Based Education for Engaging Student Learning”

Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Let’s Pretend!

Pretend Play and Role Playing offer many benefits for children. They help develop: Social and Emotional Skills Language Skills Cognitive Skills Imagination Motor Skills Role playing with fantasy games can also help children to manage their anxieties. Through imaginative pretend play, children can explore ideas and emotions in a “safe” environment. So here we are playing Harry Potter withContinue reading “Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Let’s Pretend!”

Kidzania – An Educational Role Playing Experience

After months of walking past that replica model of Kidzania in The Curve to the big banners advertising their opening date and listening to Aristotle beg and beg and beg for us to visit this wonderland for kids, we finally bought tickets to go a couple of weeks back. It cost me RM55 for Aristotle,Continue reading “Kidzania – An Educational Role Playing Experience”