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Learning Statistics with Risk – the Board Game

Playing board games can be beneficial for our children’s development, and games like chess offer extra benefits, like academic enhancement and brain development. Some board games, such as Risk – the board game – can help children learn about Math, in particular, statistics. It can be difficult for some children to get into Math when they don’t see the real-life benefits to allContinue reading “Learning Statistics with Risk – the Board Game”

Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace

I attended the PTCs with G1’s teachers recently and one of the areas he needed working on was his sportsmanship. G1 hates to lose which is nothing I didn’t already know, but apparently he takes it very poorly at school – now that I didn’t know. From the stories I’ve heard, he sounds like aContinue reading “Mastering Good Sportsmanship – Winning and Losing with Grace”