Right Brain Home Practice Activities for Busy/Lazy Moms – Part 2

See Part 1. And I’m still just as lazy so we’ve been on the prowl for new apps and games that are great right brain developers. With new iPhone and iPad apps being created everyday, it was only a matter of time before the repertoire of right brain apps increased. So here are some newContinue reading “Right Brain Home Practice Activities for Busy/Lazy Moms – Part 2”

Right Brain Education in Early Childhood Development

In my last post, I said I didn’t want to be a Tiger Mom. Now it might appear ironic when I’m sending my children for right brain education, I’m starting Gavin on Soroban/Anzan so he can perform instant complex calculations in his head, I’m trying to teach them music and a second language that IContinue reading “Right Brain Education in Early Childhood Development”

Enlarge the Container of the Brain

From the Heguru Handbook. In order to harness the potential brain ability of your child, it is important to develop the right brain (subconscious brain) and then to enlarge the brain capacity. The right brain controls image, inspiration, senses, etc. It has the ability to process massive information at high speed and remember them. MostContinue reading “Enlarge the Container of the Brain”

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