Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo

Now that I’ve been using the Scootababy for some time and had a better chance to compare it against the Ergo, here’s my verdict: I recommend the Ergo. Why I prefer the Ergo: It has a sleeping hood which is great for blocking out unwanted stimuli so baby can fall asleep more easily. The sleepingContinue reading “Product Review: Scootababy versus the Ergo”

Review: The Pureen Manual Breast Pump

After wrecking the seal of my brand new First Years breast pump and discovering that there was no way to repair it, I had to go out to get another one.  We went to two places and could not find the First Years breast pump in stock.  In the end, I bought the Pureen manualContinue reading “Review: The Pureen Manual Breast Pump”

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