It’s Time to Start Taking Responsibility and Be Accountable

The Missing Bags G1 lost his swimming bag at school last week. He had an after-school activity and he said he must have left it at the playground. All it had in it were his wet swim clothes, googles, swim cap, towel, comb, sunscreen, and flip flops. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would want aContinue reading “It’s Time to Start Taking Responsibility and Be Accountable”

Life Skills: Developing Respect and Responsibility

Up until recently, we have been spoilt rotten with two live-in domestic helpers. Now, one has gone home for good and the other is on holiday. Everyone has had to pull their weight at home with the cleaning up. The first week was rough. I woke up every morning feeling like I’d just completed anContinue reading “Life Skills: Developing Respect and Responsibility”

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