Educational Resources: The Smart Board

This seems to be the latest tool in education lately.  Many of the international schools we’ve seen boast the usage of the Smart Board in their classes.  It seems to be one of the selling points – step aside textbook teaching, hello Smart Board! What is a Smart Board? In a nutshell, it is anContinue reading “Educational Resources: The Smart Board”

Why Children Today are so Precocious

When Gavin was ill, we took him to see the paediatrician near our house.  In the waiting room, they have TV on showing re-runs of Tom and Jerry.  As we were watching it, it suddenly occurred to me why children of today are so precocious.  They seem to know and be capable of so muchContinue reading “Why Children Today are so Precocious”

Early Childhood Educational Resources

After my research on various Early Childhood Education programs, I’ve finally decided on a program that captures elements from the Montessori Method and the Wink/TwiddleWink Program which, as far as I understand, is the midway point between the Glenn Doman Method and the Makota Shichida Method. To help me implement my program, I have securedContinue reading “Early Childhood Educational Resources”

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