Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!

Congratulations to willie, winner of the Right Brain Kids coupon, and to whyelse, winner of the Mercury Learning coupon. Right Brain Kids are the creators of the TweedleWink and Wink right brain programs. They are currently operating three right brain schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia. They sell a range of right brain resources and offerContinue reading “Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!”

Get Coupons for Right Brain Education Resources!

Those of you who read my previous post about right brain education resources will be familiar with Memory Magic from Mercury Learning (who also sells Hestia, by the way) and Right Brain Kids. These are two sites that I have purchased right brain resources from that I recommend. I have two 15% off coupons (oneContinue reading “Get Coupons for Right Brain Education Resources!”

Right Brain Education: Linking Memory Game

A reader recently enquired where she could obtain more linking memory exercises. While surfing one day, I stumbled across a pretty cool game online called the Shopping List Memory Game (it’s free!) which can be used in a similar way to the linking memory exercise. In the game, you are given a list of itemsContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Linking Memory Game”

How to Make Your Own Textured Alphabets and Numbers

In Heguru and TweedleWink, they get the children to practice writing letters and numbers by tracing the outlines on a card with their finger.  What I like in Heguru is that the card is textured so it provides more sensory stimuli to your child when practicing how to write letters and numbers. Getting Gavin toContinue reading “How to Make Your Own Textured Alphabets and Numbers”

Educational Resources: Wink to Learn – Animal Series

While we were in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I saw a cool DVD series by Wink to Learn on animal facts in Isetan.  Yup, this is the same group that made the Wink to Learn: Chinese DVDs that I bought for Gavin.  They have now released a new series on animals.  There areContinue reading “Educational Resources: Wink to Learn – Animal Series”

Right Brain Education: Home Materials – Mandala

Learn more about Mandala Activities on the Right Brain Child. Ha!  Looks like I don’t have to rely on the Shichida center for right brain education materials after all.  These days you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Mandala Thanks to Serene, I found this link for Mandala home practice called EverydayContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Home Materials – Mandala”

Great Home Schooling Internet Resources

When I first started homeschooling Gavin (this was before he started playschool at Kinderland), I was searching high and low for useful internet resources that I could use to help me plan his curriculum.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of these sites back then, but I am now, so if you’re homeschooling (or if you wantContinue reading “Great Home Schooling Internet Resources”

Right Brain Education – Home Materials

This post has been updated – see “Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice“. Gavin has been attending Heguru classes for two and a half months now.  He has warmed up considerably since the first lesson and now actively participates in class.  When I first signed him up for classes, I felt somewhat dubiousContinue reading “Right Brain Education – Home Materials”

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