Preschool Regressions – Round 2

They warned me it would happen.  Nevertheless, I was quite unprepared for it.  After enjoying several weeks of excellent compliance with regards to attending school, Gavin went into regression in the worst possible way.  Granted it happened after two weeks absence from school – one week due to school holidays and one week because heContinue reading “Preschool Regressions – Round 2”

Toddler Regressions and School

Although Gavin has been adapting to school a lot better than I had hoped, there are some toddler regressions that you should expect so you can be prepared for them. 1. Toilet training When Gavin started school, he stopped wanting to wear his underwear and kept insisting he wanted to wear diapers instead.  He alsoContinue reading “Toddler Regressions and School”

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