Active Screen Time: PokemonGo for Developing Logic and Reasoning

A while back, G1 wrote us a thousand-word essay expounding the benefits of playing Pokemon Go. After joining him on this quest to see what all the fuss is about, I have some new benefits to add to the list. Coming fresh from the last post’s discussion about the benefit of active screen time, IContinue reading “Active Screen Time: PokemonGo for Developing Logic and Reasoning”

A Critical Thinking Exercise

Some time back, I wrote about the importance of Critical Thinking in the Age of the Internet. Although I have spoken to the boys – particularly G1, since he is older and has more understanding – that they cannot believe everything they see on the Internet, sometimes, it helps to have a real-world example to makeContinue reading “A Critical Thinking Exercise”

Who’s the Master Code Breaker?

For Christmas, G1 received a board game called Code Breaking. It was a bit of a blast from the past because I used to play this when I was a child, except I knew the game as “Mastermind“. Code Breaking is a fun and educational way to help the boys develop: logic and reasoning skills visual perception and spatialContinue reading “Who’s the Master Code Breaker?”

Apps: Cluedo – Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability, and Problem Solving

When I was little, I loved playing the game Cluedo. Back then, it was a board game. Now, there is a card game edition which is simpler and faster to play. So when I started introducing Aristotle to the good old fashioned games of my youth, we started playing Clue – Suspect and he really enjoyedContinue reading “Apps: Cluedo – Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability, and Problem Solving”

Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut

Here’s the story behind yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – The Hair Cut. Gavin was due for another haircut so the hubby and I braced ourselves as we took him to A Cut Above at Midvalley, where he had had two successful haircuts in a row.  All our past experiences cutting Gavin’s hair has always been ratherContinue reading “Tell-Me-Thursday: The Hair Cut”

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