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Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Ever since Gavin completed his first 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, I’ve been hunting around for more Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzles.  Since I knew he could already do a hundred piece puzzle on his own, I tried to find either another hundred piece or a more complex one.  It would appear that there are noContinue reading “Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles”

The Art of Motivating a Toddler

Ever since that epiphany about jigsaw puzzles and Lego contributing to the development of hubby’s “genius” I’ve been trying to encourage Gavin to do more jigsaw puzzles.  Alas, it appeared I could do no more than get him to mix up the pieces, and pretend they’re food that he “cooks” and serves back up toContinue reading “The Art of Motivating a Toddler”