Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle

The big, bright and boldly detailed fire truck on this delightful floor puzzle is sure to provide hours of learning fun 24 Jumbo-sized pieces are made of heavy-grade cardboard and are ideal for smaller hands A great activity for developing motor skills and problem solving abilities This is a challenge that is sure to pleaseContinue reading “Melissa & Doug Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle”


Two brain-twisting solitaire games in one pocket-sized case Puzzle pieces fit inside the handy pocket-sized case with built-in game boards, so you can Kanoodle anywhere Includes 12 puzzle pieces, 48 – page illustrated puzzle book, and carrying case Features a unique turntable game board that enables players to spin and play their way to theContinue reading “Kanoodle”

Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Castle Floor Puzzle

Welcome to this enchanting scene where swans glide in the pond, butterflies flutter around the castle and the princess rides her unicorn 2′ x 3′ when complete Features 48 extra-thick pieces that are 20% thicker than the competition’s Its easy-clean surface keeps puzzle looking new Exceptional quality and value Welcome to this enchanting scene whereContinue reading “Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Castle Floor Puzzle”

Smart Toys Puzzles

In Heguru class, there are a lot of little activities that the children do such as match the object to its shadow, match the letter to the object that begins with that letter, match the numbers with the same number of items, fix the puzzle, match the pictures that belong together (e.g. bread and bakery),Continue reading “Smart Toys Puzzles”

Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle

Illustration of underwater sea life 48 piece floor puzzle Helps develop matching skills Recommended Age Range 3 Years and up Piece together tons of fun with this puzzle that features an undersea adventure. This colorful, detailed Underwater-themed floor puzzle is made of heavy-duty cardboard with an easy-clean surface that helps keep the puzzle looking new.Continue reading “Melissa & Doug Underwater 48-Piece Floor Puzzle”

ThinkFun Rush Hour

Four levels of play, beginner to expert Forty mind challenge cards with solutions Sixteen cars and trucks, one red escape car One traffic grid game board and game-go storage bag For ages 8 years and above Rush Hour is the mind-challenging game of pure bumper-to-bumper fun! Players set up the cars and trucks on aContinue reading “ThinkFun Rush Hour”

Puzzles, Games and Activities for Toddlers

Gareth enjoys playing the “Montessori apps” (and more here) that I downloaded for him onto the iPad and iPhone. However, given the fact that he seems so addicted to anything with a screen (TV, computer and iPad/iPhone), I have been keen to increase the repertoire of other activities that do not involve a screen toContinue reading “Puzzles, Games and Activities for Toddlers”

PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games

If you read my blog posts last year on Logico and Fun Thinkers, you might be interested in these IQ Games from Brainet. PlayMate – which looks a lot like the Logico series: AMIQ – which is similar to Fun Thinkers: Brainet also offers other IQ Games from the range of Smart Games:     Logic games help toContinue reading “PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games”

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