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Opening Pandora’s Box…

I was searching for logic games on the app store for G1 when I stumbled on this one… The Room by Fireproof Games In a nutshell, it’s Pandora’s Box in a game – drawing upon you curiosity to figure out how to open the box. But be warned… it’s not as simple as it sounds.Continue reading “Opening Pandora’s Box…”

Right Brain Education: Puzzle Activities

In right brain education, the children are also encouraged to do lots of puzzle activities, like dot-to-dot, spot the difference, mazes, simple origami, etc. These are for developing fine motor skills, logic and reasoning, and problem solving skills. Although these are recognised as being left brain activities as well, true right brain education is about wholeContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Puzzle Activities”

Right Brain Education – Tangram Puzzles

A common Right Brain Education activity is the tangram puzzle or iroita puzzle. For more details on these activities, check out the following articles: Right Brain Activities for Home Practice: Tangrams Right Brain Education: Tangrams You can easily make your own tangrams, or get an affordable set from a toy store like Toys R Us. If you haveContinue reading “Right Brain Education – Tangram Puzzles”

Apps: Simple Physics

Educational apps are a dime a dozen. Cleverly designed educational apps that feel more like fun than learning are not so easy to come by. Simple Physics is one of those apps that belong in this rare latter category… About Simple Physics – Jundroo Simple Physics is a fun app that tasks you to play theContinue reading “Apps: Simple Physics”

MightyMind Tiles

Extra design tiles Contains the identical 32 colorful and durable design tiles 6 basic shapes, 4 colors, large and small sizes Keeps kids busy for hours Ages 3+ Extend the fun of Mighty Mind, or SuperMind so more than one child can play. Comes with 32 colored design blocks in a pop-up box, or cottonContinue reading “MightyMind Tiles”

Mini-Mighty Mind Ages 3-8 (#40104)

Beginner Tangram Puzzle Beginner Puzzle Game Ages 4-8 (#40104) Nothing starts kids thinking like simple, challenging puzzles that they can transform into familiar objects. Mini-Mighty Mind is a limited edition of the international 5-Star rated award winning bestseller basic Mighty Mind. Mini-Mighty Mind provides hours of entertaining fun as it gently challenges children to thinkContinue reading “Mini-Mighty Mind Ages 3-8 (#40104)”

Magnetic Mighty Mind

30 sturdy puzzle board cards show children how to build and solve puzzles Organized and programmed in numerical sequence All items are enclosed in a handy storage tin. Ideal for travel. Perfect for ages 3 to 8 years old MightyMind, the award winning, highest rated 5-Star activity set is now magnetic. Contains 32 proportional designContinue reading “Magnetic Mighty Mind”

Mighty Mind

Award winning child development activity puzzle Kids learn about visual and spatial relationships Features 30 tangram like cards Easy to handle and made of plastic Contains 32 colorful pieces MIGHTYMIND MAKES KIDS SMARTER – A play alone activity for Ages 3-8. This winner of the Parents’ Choice Honor Toy keeps kids busy for hours. MightyMindContinue reading “Mighty Mind”

Apps: Preschool EduPlay

Update: This app is no longer available on itunes. In Heguru, the children are given a number of “matching” activities to complete. They are usually done in the form of a hands-on activity with cards and cut-outs that the children will attach. Here are some examples of the activities that the toddler class might receive:Continue reading “Apps: Preschool EduPlay”