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Resources: STEAM Projects for Kids

Saw this cool video on TED Talks and was inspired to look up some easy engineering projects for kids… Books Rubber Band Engineer 19 designs for turning common materials into crafty contraptions, ranging from slingshot rockets to unique catapults to hydraulic-powered machines. All you need are household materials, such as paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers,Continue reading “Resources: STEAM Projects for Kids”

Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games

The holidays are upon us and I didn’t want the boys having too much time on their “screens” so I gave them a project. Design a Board Game Why a board game? Because board games for good for executive function development so we’ll have a new game to play after they’re done. See, I like efficiency – one activity,Continue reading “Holiday Projects: DIY Lego Board Games”

Science Resources: Fun Science Projects You Can Do At Home

Every child should learn science – not only are science projects fun, they also offer numerous other benefits to children: Science involves a lot of communication with other people. Science develops patience and perseverance in kids. It can help kids form a healthy dose of scepticism. Science teaches kids about the world around them. Science canContinue reading “Science Resources: Fun Science Projects You Can Do At Home”

Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers

I would have said cool toys for boys but the girl child that I was would have enjoyed playing with this as well if only any of the adults thought it was an appropriate gift for a girl… Engino Models Engineering Sets These are great for budding, young scientists who enjoy working with their handsContinue reading “Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers”