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Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper

Sometimes the best projects of all are the ones you didn’t plan… I was working on the boys’ Ranger Apprentice costumes for Book Week and all my art and craft supplies out when G1 spied a packet of stuffing (or batting – whatever you want to call it). He asked me what it was for soContinue reading “Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper”

Teaching Happiness: The Gratitude Project

A friend on facebook tagged me recently to participate in “the gratitude project”. It seems to be among the latest meme craze on facebook. Everyone’s posting about stuff they’re grateful for. Obviously, there are people who think it’s a great idea – they’re doing it after all! But there are others who are cynical about it. IContinue reading “Teaching Happiness: The Gratitude Project”