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Minecraft: Education Edition is Out!

Ever since Minecraft came out, children all around the world have been drawn to it like moths to a flame. Many teachers have discovered the educational benefits of Minecraft and found ways to incorporate it into their curriculum. Now Mojang have gone one step further and created an education edition of Minecraft to make it even easierContinue reading “Minecraft: Education Edition is Out!”

An Hour of Coding Fun with The Foos by CodeSpark

The mark of a good educational app is one that gets the children engaged without you having to nag them. Sometimes, it differs for each child so you may need to look around to try a few different apps before you find one that works. I confess that aside from Kodable, it hasn’t been easy gettingContinue reading “An Hour of Coding Fun with The Foos by CodeSpark”

2015 Brings Exciting Projects for the Hour of Code

It’s the year 2015 and the Hour of Code is more exciting than ever… About the Hour of Code If you have absolutely no idea what the hour of code is, here it is in a nutshell: The Hour of Code is a global movement with a goal of reaching tens of millions of studentsContinue reading “2015 Brings Exciting Projects for the Hour of Code”

What’s the Big Deal about Coding?

Coding has been hailed as one of the most important subjects of 21st Century education that every child needs to learn, but is it really all that important? Here’s why learning to code is more than just learning another language… “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teachesContinue reading “What’s the Big Deal about Coding?”

Tynker: Teaching Kids a New Language – Code

In 21st Century education, it is important for children to learn another language but this language is not the usual languages we have become accustomed with. This is the language of computers and technology – code. The realisation of this importance has led to the development of many new programs aiming to teach young children aboutContinue reading “Tynker: Teaching Kids a New Language – Code”

Resources: Don’t Miss These Educational Tools for Minecraft Kids

Minecraft is not only fun, it’s also proving to be highly educational. Here are some of the skills your child can learn from playing Minecraft: Reading Writing Arithmetic Geometry and Spatial Reasoning Music Teamwork Basic Technology Science Creativity Basic Survival Skills Problem Solving Skills Nothing encourages fun learning more than connecting games to educational lessons. IfContinue reading “Resources: Don’t Miss These Educational Tools for Minecraft Kids”

Coding for Children: Control Drones and Robots with Tynker!

Tynker Connects Young Programmers to Millions of Devices on the Internet of Things Expansion of Tynker Programming Platform Enables Kids to Power Robots, Flying Drones, Lighting Systems and Other Connected Devices Tynker, a leading Silicon Valley startup that has introduced more than 20 million kids to computer programming, has just announced the expansion of its coding platform to enableContinue reading “Coding for Children: Control Drones and Robots with Tynker!”

Learn Java with Minecraft – Mod Design 1 from Youth Digital

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard all about the Minecraft craze that has children of all ages in a frenzy. And because of the educational benefits that Minecraft offers, parents and educators have been quick to seize this opportunity to extend the learning. Now with Mod Design 1 from Youth Digital, students can learnContinue reading “Learn Java with Minecraft – Mod Design 1 from Youth Digital”

New from Tynker: Programming App Enables Children to Build Customised Apps on iPad and Android Tablets

Remember Tynker, the online program that teaches children to code? Tynker then extended their program so children could play coding games on iPad. Now Tynker has created a premium app that will allow children to create their own apps on iPad or Android Tablet! About Tynker’s Premium App “Turning more Young Learners into Young Makers.” – Tynker Tynker’s Premium App isContinue reading “New from Tynker: Programming App Enables Children to Build Customised Apps on iPad and Android Tablets”

New Programming App by Tynker Teaches Kids How to Code!

Do you remember Tynker – the self-paced course on computer programming that encourages children to innovate and create while learning programming concepts at their own pace? What is Tynker? Just in case you missed it… Tynker helps children develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, visual, intuitive and imaginative way. Tynker is used in overContinue reading “New Programming App by Tynker Teaches Kids How to Code!”