Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2

This is the continuation on my study of one.  Please note that these are purely my own observations based on my son.  Nothing can be concluded, however it might be worth while offering probiotics to a child with a fussy appetite. Gavin has been on Probiotics for about a month and since we started himContinue reading “Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2”

Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure

Gavin has been ill recently and, as most toddlers usually are when they’re ill, he wasn’t really eating much.  As a result, there had been a noticeable “flattening” of his cheeks and belly which was a huge cause for alarm for Gavin’s grandparents.  Although I was always confident he would return to his usual eatingContinue reading “Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure”

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