Rhino’s Sleepover

G2 brought home “Rhino” – the class mascot – to stay over for the night. His responsibility was to look after Rhino and to write in a diary about the things they did together. So here’s how he entertained Rhino… Let’s go to Africa! First they “flew” off to Africa to visit the waterhole where theyContinue reading “Rhino’s Sleepover”

Advanced Potion Making Class

We like playing pretend and exploring the countless magical worlds we can be a part of in our minds. Sometimes we invent them, sometimes we borrow them, and sometimes it is an amalgamation of various worlds we have heard about. Yesterday, G1 decided he was going to attend an Advanced Potion Making Class from Harry Potter and create a fewContinue reading “Advanced Potion Making Class”

Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Let’s Pretend!

Pretend Play and Role Playing offer many benefits for children. They help develop: Social and Emotional Skills Language Skills Cognitive Skills Imagination Motor Skills Role playing with fantasy games can also help children to manage their anxieties. Through imaginative pretend play, children can explore ideas and emotions in a “safe” environment. So here we are playing Harry Potter withContinue reading “Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Let’s Pretend!”

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