2nd Pregnancy Week 11

Note to new readers: I am brutally honest in my weekly pregnancy reports and leave no symptom unmentioned – even the unpleasant ones – so please bear that in mind if you intend to continue reading this post… Okay, so here’s the same old, same old: Morning sickness – check Picky appetite – check FeelingContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 11”

2nd Pregnancy Week 9

Symptoms and developments this week: Cold sensitivity – what I remember most about the last pregnancy was always feeling hot, so it seems a bit strange to be feeling cold these days.  I’m sure it was the same with the last pregnancy, but the memory of it isn’t particularly distinct.  Perhaps also because I wasContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 9”

Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?

Okay, I promised an update on this topic… My reasons for continuing to nurse Gavin throughout the pregnancy and for tandem nursing (nursing an older child while nursing a baby): allows Gavin to bond with me without taxing me too much (it’s definitely a lot less tiring to lie in bed and cuddle him thanContinue reading “Nursing While Pregnant – What are the Risks?”

More Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

More tips for dealing with morning sickness that I have discovered since writing my last blog post on the topic: Bananas – I stumbled on this one quite by accident.  I woke up one morning feeling so hungry, I ate a banana before my usual breakfast.  I felt surprisingly good that day.  Later I wentContinue reading “More Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness”

2nd Pregnancy: First Visit to the Doctor

On Wednesday, I paid my first visit to Dr Wong (the O&G who delivered Gavin) since discovering I was pregnant.  It was pretty much a routine check-up and confirmation that my pregnancy is viable, i.e. no ectopic implantation, etc.  Although I felt it was pretty much a given, I think it was a load offContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: First Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy Week 7

Based on my amateur calculations, I should be at the beginning of the 8th week of my pregnancy.  We should be able to confirm with the doctor on Wednesday what date I really am at. Some text books I remember reading say that the symptoms and experiences of the second pregnancy is usually not asContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 7”

The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant

It looks like being a pregnant Mum the second time around has not made me immune to those silly pregnant fears about how the baby is doing… Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling fairly normal – there were no symptoms of that low grade nausea associated with pregnancy.  Gavin was nursing and my nipples weren’tContinue reading “The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant”

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