Handwriting Activities: Secret Code Writing

G1 loathes practicing writing. It is no surprise that he has one of the worst handwriting in his class. Encouraging him to write by hand has been a real bane and I have employed all manner of sneaky tricks to get him to practice his writing skills. This is one of my latest attempts… There was aContinue reading “Handwriting Activities: Secret Code Writing”

Handwriting Activities: Linking Memory Story Writing

This activity was something we started doing recently for a number of reasons: handwriting practice exercise creativity screen-free activity Daddy is very particular about Aristotle’s handwriting, but the thing about handwriting, unfortunately, is that you have to practice to get better at it. The problem with practicing handwriting is that Aristotle finds it boring. IContinue reading “Handwriting Activities: Linking Memory Story Writing”

10000 Hours of Practice

I stand corrected. When I was examining the Prodigy Myth, I highlighted talent as one of, though not the critical, element to raising a prodigy. After reading Outliers, it appears that talent is squat if you don’t spend the time developing it. This fundamental rule applies to everyone – all-star sportspeople, chess masters, Bill Gates,Continue reading “10000 Hours of Practice”

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