Introducing the New Trinity Kids Club Junior Playschool

Coming to Brillkids Family this June 2015… Trinity Kids Club – the Junior Playschool Who is it for? Junior 1: children between 6 to 17 months parent accompanied 1 hour per session 1, 2 or 3 times weekly Junior 2: children between 18 to 30 months unaccompanied 2 hours per session 1, 2 or 3 times weeklyContinue reading “Introducing the New Trinity Kids Club Junior Playschool”

TweedleWink Play House @Neo Damansara – Right Brain Preschool

We are firm believers in the importance of the preschool years because they provide the vital foundation for a child’s future learning, therefore the selection of a preschool must be undertaken with as much care and attention as you would for the later years of your child’s education. We occasionally receive requests from parents for preschool recommendations so I would like toContinue reading “TweedleWink Play House @Neo Damansara – Right Brain Preschool”

Review: Trinity Kids @Verve – Nursery, Playschool, and Preschool

I’ve been asked a few times to recommend some preschools. Seeing as I only have two boys – one of which has left the preschool scene entirely, and the other is on his way out – I can only really tell you about the ones that my boys attended and the ones that I considered for themContinue reading “Review: Trinity Kids @Verve – Nursery, Playschool, and Preschool”

Activities: Young Explorer Gym and Montessori Playschool

One evening, while we were at the new shopping mall – 1 Mont’ Kiara – I spied a notice advertising the Young Explorer Gym on Level 3. What caught my eye was the Adventure Maze. Who wouldn’t want to be a kid so they could play on this: This is only half of it. TheyContinue reading “Activities: Young Explorer Gym and Montessori Playschool”

More Lessons about Playschool

A toddler’s acceptance of school is a milestone like every other.  There will be good days and there will be bad days.  Just as we experience potty training regressions where a previously potty trained toddler starts peeing and pooping in his pants again, there are days when your toddler will regress and tell you heContinue reading “More Lessons about Playschool”

The Secret to Getting Your Toddler to Accept School

Once again, I have underestimated my toddler…  Monday came around and I expected a renewed fuss from Gavin about going to school.  They say that after a weekend, you  may find yourself back at square one when trying to help your child adjust to school.  Armed with that awareness, I braced myself for Monday morning.Continue reading “The Secret to Getting Your Toddler to Accept School”

Helping Your Toddler Adjust to School

This has been a tough one and I profess that I am no expert on the subject.  Disturbed by Gavin’s crying episodes and the guilt of abandoning him I decided to ask my cousin who has had the experience of sending two kids to creche to share some the wisdom of her experiences and knowledgeContinue reading “Helping Your Toddler Adjust to School”

Sending a Child to Playschool – a Mother's Perspective

I know I wrote about it only a couple of days ago, but it’s been difficult to remember why I wanted to send Gavin to playschool in the first place.  With his negativity towards school growing by the day, it is getting harder and harder for me to accept my justifications for sending him toContinue reading “Sending a Child to Playschool – a Mother's Perspective”

What to Expect When Sending Your Child to School for the First Time

It has only been two days since Gavin started going to school, but here are some things I have learned since. Behaviours to Expect In the materials sent to us by the school, there was a section that talked about certain child behaviours to be prepared for while the child is adjusting to school.  TheContinue reading “What to Expect When Sending Your Child to School for the First Time”

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