Apps: STEM Islands – Learn the Physics of Light, Motion, Sound and Heat

Stumbled on an interesting series of science apps by Virtual Space OOO called STEM Islands that help children explore various topics in physics in a virtual setting: light movement and sound heat and cold mechanics The City of Light In the City of Light you can learn about: Sources of Light Light and Shadow Light Refraction Mirrors Light Reflection LensContinue reading “Apps: STEM Islands – Learn the Physics of Light, Motion, Sound and Heat”

Apps: Simple Physics

Educational apps are a dime a dozen. Cleverly designed educational apps that feel more like fun than learning are not so easy to come by. Simple Physics is one of those apps that belong in this rare latter category… About Simple Physics – Jundroo Simple Physics is a fun app that tasks you to play theContinue reading “Apps: Simple Physics”

Apps: Amazing Alex – Problem Solving and Physics

I confess I wasn’t crazy about Amazing Alex when Aristotle first told me he wanted to download this app. I eventually let him “buy” it using his pocket money as a reward. Now that I’ve had a chance to watch the game in action and play a little of it myself, I think it’s a reallyContinue reading “Apps: Amazing Alex – Problem Solving and Physics”

Games for Teaching Physics, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Some time back (probably about a year or two – I forget now), hubby got a touchscreen for his desktop at work. It was pretty cool because he had the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 on it, which has: Microsoft Blackboard Microsoft Garden Pond Microsoft Rebound Microsoft Surface Globe Microsoft Surface Collage Microsoft SurfaceContinue reading “Games for Teaching Physics, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving”

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