Programs: Memory Magic

About Memory Magic Memory Magic is a collection of games using unique learning methods that are designed to help develop and strengthen the parts of the brain used for rapid memory and recall. By playing these games, your children can develop encyclopedic knowledge, 100 object sequential memory, rapid memory and recall, increased concentration, early word recognition,Continue reading “Programs: Memory Magic”

Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory

If you want to understand a little more about how to develop the photographic memory function of the right brain, below is an interesting excerpt from a Right Brain Kids’ newsletter explaining how it works. PhotoEyeplay – one of the Wink activities from Right Brain Kids – helps train your photographic memory. Having a photographicContinue reading “Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory”

Linking Memory and Photographic Memory Function

For home practice, I have been working with Gavin on the random linking memory activity. He was starting to get a little bored with the activity so I threw in a few dinosaurs and it seems to have renewed his interest. He has been asking me daily for new “dinosaur” stories. I have noticed aContinue reading “Linking Memory and Photographic Memory Function”

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