Phonics: Encouraging Literacy in the Home

There is a heated debate over which is better – learning to read using “whole words” or “phonics”. A long time ago, I touched on some of the pros and cons for each method (see: Learning to read – whole words versus phonics) and the route we chose to go with was a combination of both. We began ourContinue reading “Phonics: Encouraging Literacy in the Home”

Apps: Right Brain Kids – Wink, Phonics and PhotoEyeplay

Right Brain Kids have Apps! Now you can take your home practice with you anywhere you go… Into the Universe What is it about? Into the Universe is the first of a series of short books for the Right Brain Kids Wink Adventure Series. It playfully introduces the seven steps of the Wink: Right BrainContinue reading “Apps: Right Brain Kids – Wink, Phonics and PhotoEyeplay”

Apps: British Council Phonics Stories

Some of the best educational apps are the ones by organisations supporting education, like the British Council. They’ve got an app called British Council Phonics Stories which teaches children how to speak and spell English words with the help of two aliens – Sam and Pam. It comes with a series of phonics stories using theContinue reading “Apps: British Council Phonics Stories”

Apps: Phonics and Reading With McGuffey

Phonics and Reading with McGuffey is an app for the iPhone and iPad that teaches children to read using the McGuffey reading method. What is the McGuffey reading method? The McGuffey readers graded reading books that were used to teach children to read dating back to the mid 19th century. They are sort of reminiscent ofContinue reading “Apps: Phonics and Reading With McGuffey”

Learning Through Music Videos

Hercules loves music. He loves listening to it and he loves to sing along. Some time back, we discovered some really cool educational songs on Youtube that he has since been singing along to. He sings them even when he isn’t watching the video. Sometimes we sing them in the car when I need toContinue reading “Learning Through Music Videos”

Quirkles: Exploring Phonics through Science

About the Quirkles The Quirkles® are 26 imaginary scientists that help children everyday, all over the world, develop a love and appreciation for science. They offer a fresh new way to integrate literacy and science at school, for educational programs, or at home. Vocabulary builders, two related science experiments, and a character education lesson areContinue reading “Quirkles: Exploring Phonics through Science”

Let Your Child Learn Phonics with Looney Tunes Characters

Click ‘N’ Kids have just launched a new product: Looney Tunes Phonics Delivered online, Looney Tunes Phonics contains 100 research based interactive cartoon lessons that teach the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum. Children master reading skills in an interactive environment that is fun and easy to use. The curriculum used in Looney TunesContinue reading “Let Your Child Learn Phonics with Looney Tunes Characters”

Leapfrog DVDs Teach Math, Reading and Phonics

I have heard about Leapfrog DVDs for some time but never really took a look at them until I stumbled across one at a DVD shop. After reading so many positive reviews about them on parenting forums, I decided to give it a go. I bought Numbers Ahoy thinking it would make Math more funContinue reading “Leapfrog DVDs Teach Math, Reading and Phonics”

Teaching Phonics the Montessori Way

Some time back I talked about the differences in teaching a child how to read using Phonics and the Whole Word method.  I mentioned that the Doman method for teaching a child how to read uses the whole word technique.  I also suggested that one of the benefits of teaching phonics over the whole wordContinue reading “Teaching Phonics the Montessori Way”

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