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Are You Going to “Amy Chuah”?

Thanks to my BFF who came up with the title of this blog post when she jokingly said: At this rate, Amy Chua is gonna be a verb: “So, do you Amy Chua?” “Yup! I Amy Chua my kid.” “Wah, numerous peer-reviewed double-blind studies have found that the Amy Chua causes harm.” “Seriously? Oh no,Continue reading “Are You Going to “Amy Chuah”?”

Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum

I’ve often been accused of being too much of a textbook Mum and that I ought to listen more to my own instincts or to follow the age-old parenting advice that has been passed on from generation to generation.  Well, here is where I get into a bit of a fix… 1. Listening to my own instincts IContinue reading “Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum”