Parenting: Raising the Scientific Child

Do you have a child that smashes and breaks everything? Does you child do things even when you’ve warned him that it could be dangerous? Does he boldly go where others fear to tread? Are you at your wit’s end? Perhaps you’re ready to tear all your hair out in frustration – maybe you’re already baldingContinue reading “Parenting: Raising the Scientific Child”

The Value of Knowing Your Child’s Personality Type

After reading about the preferred learning styles of children, it got my brain churning about the Myers-Briggs personality test my cousin did with me a couple of years back.  The Myers-Briggs personality test assesses you based on your instinctive preferences.  As with all things, we can all modify our behaviours to adapt to different situationsContinue reading “The Value of Knowing Your Child’s Personality Type”

Myers-Briggs: What’s Your Child’s Personality Type?

There is a pervasive misconception that babies are somehow born on a blank slate. Even though we know better, it doesn’t stop us from the feeling of befuddlement when our second child doesn’t respond to the parenting methods we have refined with our first child. While we acknowledge that we all have different personalities thatContinue reading “Myers-Briggs: What’s Your Child’s Personality Type?”

What’s Your Baby’s Personality?

Here’s something fun one to try out with your baby. Discover what your baby’s personality is by answering the following twenty multiple choice questions, from Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. What’s Your Baby’s Personality? For each of the following questions, pick the best answer – in other words, the statement that describesContinue reading “What’s Your Baby’s Personality?”

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