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Enhancing Your Memory with Memory Tactics

Having a phenomenal memory is a great asset to have, but even if you feel you weren’t blessed with a good memory, there are a number of tricks you can employ that will help you remember more. Here they are… Chunking Chunking is the technique of organizing or combining individual pieces of information into “chunks” orContinue reading “Enhancing Your Memory with Memory Tactics”

Right Brain Practice – Peg Memory and Linking Memory

 In Heguru class, there are two types of link memory activities – Peg Memory and Linking Memory. What is Peg Memory? Peg Memory is another important right brain activity that helps to develop the memory. You may already be familiar with Peg Memory as it is a common system used to help recall lists of items. If not,Continue reading “Right Brain Practice – Peg Memory and Linking Memory”