Birthday Party Themes: Despicable Me Minions – Happy Birthday Hercules!

Hercules is 4 years old… I really thought we were done with parties after our last Jurassic Themed party for Aristotle. I was thinking of a small family dinner with a cake-cutting session and “ang pows” (Chinese red packets with money in them) for presents. Evidently, I was deluding myself. I really hate planning partiesContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Despicable Me Minions – Happy Birthday Hercules!”

Birthday Party Themes: Jurassic Park Dinosaurs – Happy Birthday Aristotle!

It was Aristotle’s birthday recently. We had it at the same jungle gym as we did for Hercules. One of the ironies of being a parent is that you find yourself breaking every promise you made before you had children. One of those promises was – no birthday parties at jungle gyms. Now both boysContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Jurassic Park Dinosaurs – Happy Birthday Aristotle!”

Birthday Party Themes: Thomas the Tank Engine

As a mother of a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, I was simply blown away when I saw the effort that my Canadian friend put into organising her son’s 3rd birthday party.  Evan, whom you should already have guessed, is also a huge fan of Thomas and clearly one very lucky boy… I doubtContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Thomas the Tank Engine”

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