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Raising and Educating a Child is a Team Effort

Some time back, I saw a humorous comic about the relationship between the parent, teacher and child/student and I laughed because it was so true. And then I sobered up because it really wasn’t that funny. In fact, it’s a bit of a concern… Having friends in the education industry, I wanted to share whatContinue reading “Raising and Educating a Child is a Team Effort”

The Power of Play – it’s Good for Parents Too!

In an earlier post, we talked about why play for good for children, but did you know that play is good for parents, too? Well, play is good for all adults period, but parents especially should get into the habit of playing regularly. Why do adults need to play? Similarly to children, play helps adultsContinue reading “The Power of Play – it’s Good for Parents Too!”

Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Hercules lately and it is obvious that my current arsenal of disciplinary tactics aren’t working for me because all I ever seem to do is yell even though I know I shouldn’t and even though it is not effective at all. So I figured it was time toContinue reading “Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding”

Right Brain Training for Parents

For Shichida right brain schools, it is a requirement for parents to attend a parents’ seminar about right brain education. They are given a handbook about right brain education and they are strongly encouraged to practice right brain activities at home both with their children and on themselves. If my information is correct, I believeContinue reading “Right Brain Training for Parents”

Activities: The 1st International Baby Show 2009

My friend SM told me about this one, too… What: The 1st International Baby Show 2009 Where: KLCC Convention Centre When: 6-8th October, 2009 (10am – 6pm) It appears that 6-7th October is strictly for trade visitors only and the exhibition is open to public visitors (i.e. parents, families, etc.) only on the 8th October.Continue reading “Activities: The 1st International Baby Show 2009”