Sights and Sounds: SkyTrex Adventure

I have wanted to take the boys for the SkyTrex Adventure ever since I heard about it but I wasn’t sure whether they would be up for it so I have been waiting for G1 to express more interest before making the suggestion. When we were in Sea World, I went on the SkyTrail Rope Course. G1Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: SkyTrex Adventure”

Eye Health: Myopia Prevention in Children

As an individual suffering from myopia, one of my biggest concerns has always been my children’s eyes. They say that myopia is genetic and, evidently, the gene runs strong in my family because my parents and my brother all require corrective lenses. Sometime back, while researching the benefits of rock climbing, I stumbled upon anContinue reading “Eye Health: Myopia Prevention in Children”

Getting Back to Nature in a Concrete Jungle

The haze is back and it has put a serious damper on our outdoor activities… No, that is not a dirty window or “mist” creating that mountain air appearance in the photo above. On a good day, it should be blue sky and a city skyline. Today and the last couple of days (with eachContinue reading “Getting Back to Nature in a Concrete Jungle”

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