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Flashcards: Things at Home – Part 2

This series of flashcards contains more words (and pictures) on things around the home. How to use the slides: I used to recommend a blog post I wrote some time back titled “How to Teach Your Baby (the Glenn Doman way)” as described in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by GlennContinue reading “Flashcards: Things at Home – Part 2”

Flashcards: Things at Home

Looking for more flashcards? Check out our Free Flashcards Resource Page. As recommended by Mel, I have added a tab under “Articles” in the “Menu” bar at the top of this blog titled “Early Childhood Education”.  It lists all the permalinks to the blog posts with flashcards.  I will be updating the page each timeContinue reading “Flashcards: Things at Home”