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Health and Nutrition: Boosting the Immunity of a Picky Eater

The boys have been getting sick a lot lately. We’ve made so many trips to the doctor’s in the last few months that I’m seriously concerned about their health. I suspect it that a large part of the reason is due to Hercules starting school in November. Unlike Aristotle, who is a bit of aContinue reading “Health and Nutrition: Boosting the Immunity of a Picky Eater”

Brain Nutrition: Fish Oils, Cod Liver Oil, DHA and EPA

In a recent post, we highlighted some brain boosting foods of which one was fish. Well, we’ve always known fish was good, but how good is good? I thought I should check it out further, especially since Aristotle no longer likes to eat fish. The funny thing is that he really liked it when heContinue reading “Brain Nutrition: Fish Oils, Cod Liver Oil, DHA and EPA”

Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power

I was flipping through an old copy of Oxygen that belonged to my SIL2 when I stumbled across an article that talked about 8 different foods that boost brain power. Well, what’s good for us can also be good for the children, so here are 8 foods you should consider adding to your child’s dietContinue reading “Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power”

Nutrition: Getting Children to Eat Vegetables – is Wheatgrass a Viable Alternative?

Although wheatgrass has been on the Mum radar for quite some time, until recently, I never really gave it much in depth thought. What really got my notice was an ad at a BoostJuice Bar that claimed “one shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating a bowl of vegetables”. When you have a child thatContinue reading “Nutrition: Getting Children to Eat Vegetables – is Wheatgrass a Viable Alternative?”

Toddler Nutrition: The Toddler Detox Program

Some time back I wrote a post about “zero calories versus empty calories“.  Unfortunately for us, we went the way of the empty calories in order to get Gavin to eat.  Particularly recently, that mistake has come back to haunt us.  Gavin has gone from eating certain favourite foods to only desiring junk food.  HeContinue reading “Toddler Nutrition: The Toddler Detox Program”

Sneaky Chef: Carrots in Your Cupcakes

After my last attempt to add spinach to chocolate brownies, I promised to try another of the free recipes from The Sneaky Chef This time I tried the Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins.  Once again, I got Gavin to help me – which he was only too eager to do. Once again, I made someContinue reading “Sneaky Chef: Carrots in Your Cupcakes”

Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2

This is the continuation on my study of one.  Please note that these are purely my own observations based on my son.  Nothing can be concluded, however it might be worth while offering probiotics to a child with a fussy appetite. Gavin has been on Probiotics for about a month and since we started himContinue reading “Probiotics and Pediasure – Part 2”

Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure

Gavin has been ill recently and, as most toddlers usually are when they’re ill, he wasn’t really eating much.  As a result, there had been a noticeable “flattening” of his cheeks and belly which was a huge cause for alarm for Gavin’s grandparents.  Although I was always confident he would return to his usual eatingContinue reading “Fussy Eaters, Probiotics and Pediasure”