Children’s Eye Care – Slowing the Progression of Myopia

Despite all my best efforts to boot G1 out of the house and give him more sunlight exposure, it appears we have not done enough. It probably doesn’t help with his strong genetic component. In the six months since his last eye check, his myopia has progressed significantly from -0.25 in one eye to -1.00Continue reading “Children’s Eye Care – Slowing the Progression of Myopia”

On Eye Tests, Hyperopia, Myopia and Other Eye Stuff

Vision is a real obsession of mine. Between hubby and me, the boys have the hereditary risk of developing hyperopia or myopia. Early detection is important because children suffering from sensory impairment – especially vision and hearing – can have learning difficulties in school. On Hyperopia Since all children start off long-sighted which eventually corrects itself as they getContinue reading “On Eye Tests, Hyperopia, Myopia and Other Eye Stuff”

Eye Health: Myopia Prevention in Children

As an individual suffering from myopia, one of my biggest concerns has always been my children’s eyes. They say that myopia is genetic and, evidently, the gene runs strong in my family because my parents and my brother all require corrective lenses. Sometime back, while researching the benefits of rock climbing, I stumbled upon anContinue reading “Eye Health: Myopia Prevention in Children”

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