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Brain Training with Music Instruments

A recent article from Empowering Parents recommended 6 brain training exercises for children and teens: Elevator Breathing – which is a lot like mindfulness training. The Brain-Body Connection Workout – like The Brain Gym, Go Noodle, or Playing the piano. The Concentration Game – games that build memory. Family Game Night – playing board games. Daily Talk Time/TriumphsContinue reading “Brain Training with Music Instruments”

Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide

When kids don’t read, work math problems, or aren’t engaged in other learning experiences, not only does their education not continue, it can regress. This problem usually occurs when kids don’t get opportunities to learn over the long summer holidays. It can result in these children coming back to school at a disadvantage. This decline isContinue reading “Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide”

The Profound Effect of Music to Inspire, to Enhance, to Regulate, to Empower

Music is powerful. We have seen how it: alters the brain enhances the brain affects memory benefits overall child development – socially, emotionally and academically it improves child behaviour it enhances executive brain function Even more fundamentally, music has the power to change how you feel – it can empower you, it can calm you, itContinue reading “The Profound Effect of Music to Inspire, to Enhance, to Regulate, to Empower”

Anecdotal Observations from an Early Learning Experience

When G2 was very little (by that, I mean about 2 years old), we bought a music DVD/CD by They Might Be Giants. It was intended for G1, but G2 was also a beneficiary being the younger brother in tow. It turned out that G2 liked it so much that he would insist on watching itContinue reading “Anecdotal Observations from an Early Learning Experience”

Making Music: The 12 Days of Christmas – Angry Birds Style

Making Music Dramatically Improves Young Children’s Behaviour. In fact, children become 30 times more helpful after making music compared with listening to a story… So over the Christmas holidays, I tried getting the boys to sing in the car instead of their usual storybooks in the car. Since it was Christmas, we started off with Christmas songs.Continue reading “Making Music: The 12 Days of Christmas – Angry Birds Style”

Fun Activities: Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway

It was G2’s birthday recently and we got him this from Happikiddo: Hape Music Motion is a marble run with a difference – it combines music with motion with strategically-placed musical chimes among the wooden rails and blocks. Designed for children aged 4 and up, you can make one of the many configurations shown in the instruction booklet orContinue reading “Fun Activities: Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway”

Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…

Learning a foreign language is always challenging – more so the older we grow. If you’ve always struggled to learn a new language, preliminary research demonstrates that singing can help you learn that second language twice more easily. This is because of the strong link between music and memory. From the journal “Memory & Cognition”Continue reading “Struggling to Learn a Foreign Language? Try Singing It…”

Right Brain Education – Learning Music

If you have been following our Right Brain Education articles from the start, you may be interested in this early childhood development program. Unfortunately, their schools are not readily accessible to everyone so what can you do? Engaging in music is another way to enhance right brain development and it also has many other benefits.Continue reading “Right Brain Education – Learning Music”

Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!

Whoever said that learning was boring? Check out these amazing apps from Touch Press that will give children a up-close and personal experience with science, geography, history, and music… If you want to help you child learn more about the periodic table, the pyramids, inventions, the world, the solar system, the dinosaurs, gems, x-rays, and theContinue reading “Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!”

Extra-curricular Activities: The Benefits of Drama and Musical Theatre

Self-control in children predicts future success and imaginary play helps children develop their self-control. By extension, isn’t drama and musical theatre is a form of imaginary play? So can it be extrapolated that drama and musical theatre helps children develop self-control? Drama and Musical Theatre Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combinesContinue reading “Extra-curricular Activities: The Benefits of Drama and Musical Theatre”