Sights and Sounds: MinNature – Indoor Miniature Exhibition

The kids are on school holidays and we were looking for things to do when we stumbled on MinNature. What is MinNature? Located on Level 4 of Summit Shopping Mall (where the old rock climbing gym used to be), MinNature is an exhibition of gorgeously handcrafted dioramas depicting many spectacular wonders. Spanning 17,000 square feet,Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: MinNature – Indoor Miniature Exhibition”

Sight and Sounds: Ipswich Rail Museum

I know I promised to write about our adventures in Brisbane┬áso here we go… Ipswich Rail Museum If you have a child that is mad about train, you can’t miss this one… Unfortunately for us, by the time we visited, Aristotle was over his Thomas the Tank Engine craze. Even if your child isn’t nutsContinue reading “Sight and Sounds: Ipswich Rail Museum”

Sights and Sounds: Melbourne Museum

The dinosaur exhibition at Scienceworks was fun but I thought it was nothing compared to the enormity of the dinosaur fossils at the Melbourne Museum. Check out the main procession of dinosaur fossils in the foyer of the Science and Life Gallery: The Melbourne Museum contains 17 complete dinosaur skeletons: Inostrancevia Gallimimus Deinonychus Tarbosaurus HadrosaurContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Melbourne Museum”

Activities: Muzium Negara – National Museum of Malaysia

With Gavin’s interest in dinosaurs on fire, I figured a trip to the museum would help to further his learning experience. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming that there would be dinosaurs at the National Museum of Malaysia, otherwise known as Muzium Negara. In case you’re wondering, there aren’t any. Muzium Negara is aContinue reading “Activities: Muzium Negara – National Museum of Malaysia”

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