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Confessions of a Super Mum…

Becoming a mother has changed a lot of things – my life, my ideas, and me. In fact, the change from “childless me” to “Mummy me” can be likened to the superhero transformation in a story when the main character discovers his super powers. For instance, I have developed super hearing. I might be deafContinue reading “Confessions of a Super Mum…”

A Tribute to an Unborn Child

On the evening of Thursday 30 December 2010, I had a miscarriage.  My baby was almost 10 weeks old.  After some period-like cramps and then uncontrollable bleeding, I rushed to hospital where I was informed I had had an incomplete miscarriage. My doctor performed a D&C to clean out my womb. I had initially decidedContinue reading “A Tribute to an Unborn Child”

A Penny for a Mother's Thoughts…

My being absentminded and forgetful has always been the brunt of hubby’s jokes.  When I got pregnant, I finally had an excuse.  They say that the pregnant brain actually shrinks which they accounted for the increased absentmindedness.  However, they also say that the “Mum brain” goes away after the pregnancy and all recall faculties shouldContinue reading “A Penny for a Mother's Thoughts…”

The Experience of Second Time Motherhood

I’ve always maintained that children have such individual personalities that it is sometimes unfair to make blanket comments over their behaviours and developmental progress.  I have also been aware that the differences even between siblings can be so different that parenting for the second time can be a completely new experience.  Yet, despite being a believerContinue reading “The Experience of Second Time Motherhood”

Reasons Why I Don't Like Being a SAHM

I understand that there are mothers who have to work because they have no other choice.  I also understand that there are mothers who struggle between their desire for a career and a desire to raise their babies.  But what I used to find difficult to understand are the mothers who would rather work thanContinue reading “Reasons Why I Don't Like Being a SAHM”

Funny Friday: Things Only a Mum Can Teach

When you’re a mother, humour is such an essential requirement.  Here is something one of my Mum-friends sent me which I thought was a great “pick-me-up” for a Funny Friday. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION: “Just wait until your father gets home.” My Mother taught me about RECEIVING: “You are going to get itContinue reading “Funny Friday: Things Only a Mum Can Teach”

Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum

I’ve often been accused of being too much of a textbook Mum and that I ought to listen more to my own instincts or to follow the age-old parenting advice that has been passed on from generation to generation.  Well, here is where I get into a bit of a fix… 1. Listening to my own instincts IContinue reading “Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum”

Choosing a Parenting Style

I was browsing through a blog by Casia Talbert called Healthy Moms recently and came across one of her older posts about the topic of Parenting in which she asked her readers to share their thoughts.  With Gavin demonstrating a more willful nature of late and melting down into more frequent temper tantrums, I findContinue reading “Choosing a Parenting Style”