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Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad

Study Pad (creators of Splash Math) has a new app – Splash Money. We’re always on the lookout for fun games and activities to teach children about money because we believe financial education for children is important. One of the first steps to learning about managing money is learning about how to count coins and bills. That’sContinue reading “Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad”

Teaching Children Business Skills

Can you believe it? Aristotle graduates from kindergarten this week! How time flies… I’ve been busy working on the end of year gift for the teachers – a collage of pictures from the children and their farewell messages. I initially wanted to make a scrapbook but since the idea came a little late, we ranContinue reading “Teaching Children Business Skills”

Money Matters: Teaching Children about the Value of Money

Since they were little, we have encouraged the boys to keep a little piggy bank. Unfortunately, they aren’t that consistent with it. Lately, however, I have felt a need to place more emphasis on the piggy bank, saving money and working for it because Aristotle has been displaying some rather disturbing behaviours… When he doesn’tContinue reading “Money Matters: Teaching Children about the Value of Money”

Street Smart: Teaching a Child About the Ways of the World

My friend does this with her daughter.  It is such a brilliant idea that I just had to share it here (thanks E!).  To encourage her daughter to learn how to tie her laces, E said she would give her daughter, R, 50sen for each lace that she managed to tie on her own.  RContinue reading “Street Smart: Teaching a Child About the Ways of the World”